Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why China

When I enter the China room at All Nations Bed & Breakfast, many memories of my 1999 journey to that country come to mind. I went to China without knowing much of their history or culture. I was working as a Corporate Sales Manager for Korean Air and had the privilege of escorting a group of travel agents on a tour of the country.
A 14 day itinerary had been organized via a local tour representative. We visited Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Zhouzhang and a few other cities along the way. I recall our first meal in Beijing was actually at a Turkish restaurant. An interesting experience, but we were anxious to try REAL Chinese cuisine. It came soon enough. One evening we dined at an all dumplings restaurant. Dumplings in different shapes, designs and characters were served. The dumpling that looked like chicken was a chicken dumpling, the one shaped like a walnut was dessert. So good, have yet to find anything comparable in all of America.
After visiting a silk factory and bringing home a silk comforter (which was later destroyed by fire and replaced by another silk comforter) I find it to be the most comfortable and healthy way to sleep. The silk comforter has a cotton cover and is far superior to cotton or down. The China room is the only room at All Nations Bed & Breakfast with a silk comforter.
Traveling always teaches. Simply entering the culture and history of another land educates the traveller. I am sad to say that prior to visiting Xi'an I was quite ignorant of the Terra Cotta soldiers that were excavated in the 1970's. A small replica of a soldier stands guard in this room as well.
I have had numerous Chinese guests through the years rent the China room and feel right at home.
If you want a little taste of the land across the Pacific that boasts an amazing history and a beautiful landscape, spend a night or a week in our China room.

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